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True Meaning of Christmas in The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry :: essays research papers

The â€Å"Gift of the Magi† by O. Henry is a short story that has an intriguing topic. The primary topics in this short story are that individuals needn't bother with cash to communicate love, what's more, the genuine importance of Christmas. Things, for example, the characters, setting, and occasions add to the subject. The characters Della and Jim have almost no cash, but then they express their love by each selling their most prominent fortunes. Della sells her hair and Jim sells his watch. On the off chance that they were both well off individuals, the story would have in all likelihood have changed for the more terrible. Since these individuals bring in next to no cash, their blessings come more from the heart also, show the amount they care about one another. Having the story set in a major city affected the topic of the story. Life is more distressing in the city, particularly for the individuals who are less lucky. The distinction of the setting being in the city instead of an unassuming community, is that the urban areas regularly have numerous individuals who can't bear the cost of costly presents. The city has individuals recently like Della and Jim who can just bear to have presents from the heart. The occasions have an enormous job in the topic of individuals communicating their affection without cash. Della offers her hair to purchase a watch chain for Jim. Jim offers his watch to purchase an set of looks over for Della. At long last they each end up not having the option to utilize the endowments however acknowledge how much fondness they each have. O. Henry depicts the scene where Della is getting ready to go sell her hair strikingly. â€Å"So now Della's excellent hair fell about her undulating and sparkling like a course of earthy colored waters...Once she wavered for a minute stopped while a tear or two sprinkled on the ragged honorary pathway.

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Why Students Dont Read Newspaper free essay sample

Why understudies don’t read paper? Presently days the majority of understudies don’t read paper for certain reasons. Understudies don’t care about the news and they are apathetic, some of them state that I don’t like to peruse in light of the fact that I generally read and study, and some of them express that no compelling reason to peruse paper in light of the fact that the lapsing of innovation. In this article I might want to discuss this point and the reasons of why understudies don’t read paper. The reasons that I need to discuss it is the internet People can utilize TV, radio, and web to know the news. This is on the grounds that, the vast majority of them will in general tune in and observe instead of read so as to assist them with comprehension about the news profoundly and accurately. Also, they can set aside their cash just as spare their time since they don't have to purchase the paper each day and they can do different works while listen the news through the radio and TV. We will compose a custom article test on Why Students Dont Read Newspaper or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Understudies experience issues to peruse paper in view of the time limitation. They are excessively occupied in working or concentrating until they need more time to peruse the paper. Also, perusing paper can burn through their time since they need to leave different works so as to peruse paper as it were. To put it plainly, perusing paper can't assist understudies with saving their time. On the other handâ the cost to purchase the paper is very costly particularly for understudies. The vast majority of them need more cash to purchase food and different necessaries in the event that they utilize their cash to purchase paper each day. At that point, it can lead them to squander their cash so as to get exceptional data as it were. Along these lines, perusing paper isn't generally significant for understudies. There are favorable circumstances to peruse the paper. Papers have gotten a significant adornment of the morning meal table. Papers give us data about our general surroundings. They keep the individuals in contact with the progressions occurring on the planet. We additionally create cosmopolitan viewpoint on the grounds that by perusing papers we no longer think about our own town or our nation rather we think about the world all in all. The issues of the world are the issues of individuals overall. Because of it, individuals build up a superior kind of viewpoint. In a popular government the papers assume a significant job. They keep the individuals educated regarding the software engineers and strategies of the administration. Likewise, they additionally keep the administration familiar with the inclination, wants and complaints of the individuals. Along these lines, in a majority rule government, papers assume a double job and attempt to overcome any barrier between the legislature and the individuals. Taking everything into account, I might want to state that the understudy should peruse the paper and utilize the web, on the grounds that them two are significant in our life. A portion of the understudies don't have web for that he should peruse the news and that will help him in his investigation by giving him information on everything. Reference: www. allfreessay. com

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Like a G6

Like a G6 You may have heard of the MIT Flying Club, which Im not actually active in.   (I learned to fly pre-MIT and probably wont have much time to fly until post-MIT in the meanwhile, Im mostly spending my time taking advantage of opportunities I didnt have at home ^_^)   In any case, I am on their mailing list, because they are awesome and frequently do awesome things.   Like putting this in the Z center (our humongous campus gym): It was an F-35 simulator, and I was SUPER STOKED upon signing up for it.   It sounded pretty shiny.   In classical me mode, my first thought upon hearing about it was I WONDER WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU CRASH THAT THING.   Since I make regular practice of not crashing planes I fly, I figured a simulator is a good place to do it.   Until I saw a shiny, shiny pin that one of the MIT Flying Club members was wearing Whoa, they give those to you? Only if you dont crash. NOOOO I WANT MY EXPLOSIONSSSSS!!! But man, the pin sure did look shiny. Very, very suddenly, it was my turn. I handed my phone (man, why didnt I think to bring a real camera?) off to my boyfriend, climbed into the cockpit, and oriented myself to the controls. First thing I noted was that it was different from the Cessnas I was used to. A stick instead of a yoke, and my steering/throttle hands were switched. Once the simulation started, the second thing I noticed was DANG THIS THING IS SENSITIVE. I was used to rather dramatic movements to get a tiny Cessna to move. These controls… were amazingly sensitive, which is unsurprising given that they crammed many more horses into its engine. Okay, well have you do a landing. ^ Thats me, an approach to the runway, and a guy telling me vital things like, You want to be going about 145 knots to land in this plane. Lower the landing gear. Dont worry about flaps, there arent any in this plane. Keep for the runway. Power back, slow down, flare… And earn the shiny pin. They were also letting everyone take shiny posters and stickers.   My agenda is now decorated As I grabbed some freebies, I noticed that they had a second simulator off in the corner not full-bodied and without a rudder, but neat nonetheless where I then realized my dreams of stalling and crashing the plane repeatedly into the ground. I am sad to say that there was no massive video-game-esque explosion at these crashes (you just pulled up and continued to fly), but I did get to see targets explode off on the horizon. It was around then that I realized, whoa, these are one-seater planes you cant fly them with an instructor. O.O Its almost like simulators were created for this purpose. And that is another bite of my life at MIT. As has been a frequent disclaimer lately on this blogs and should really always be assumed to be true you guys are more than welcome to ask questions of us bloggers, be it through comment, email (see the bar above, we all have em there), carrier pidgeon, smoke signals, etc (though, I dont know how to read smoke signals).   I will say that, no, I will not read your application essays.   But I have and will tell you about life here, and why you shouldnt be driving yourself crazy over the application process ^_^ See you next time.

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Causes Of The French Revolution - 733 Words

During the 18th century European governments were primarily monarchies. However, people were becoming fed up with the unfair policies monarchies imposed and wanted change. France was one of these countries and in 1789 a revolution broke out. The French Revolution helped bring change to France and all of Europe by ending monarchies and spreading new ideas of democracy. There were many political, economic, and social problems that lead up to the French revolution. During this time, France was ruled by King Louis XVI. As mentioned in document 1, Louis ruled as an absolute monarch. He had total control over the government and its people, this caused many French citizens to be unhappy because they saw Louis as a weak ruler. Another factor†¦show more content†¦By 1791, France had adopted its first constitution which abolished the monarchy and put the Catholic Church under government control. Because of this, other European monarchs felt threatened and declared war on France (Doc 4). By 1792 France was declared a Republic and came under radical control, this began The Reign of Terror. Led by Maximilien Robespierre, The Reign of terror was an attempt to terminate â€Å"enemies of the regime†. Thousands of people were imprisoned and sentenced to death by the guillotine. During this time, the people of France were terrified of the governme nt, for fear of going to prison. People hardly went out or talked to each other because there were spies everywhere and the slightest misstep could get them imprisoned or killed (Doc 6). Although the revolution ended up killing and imprisoning thousands of people, it ultimately helped the third estate be free of the government it despised. The French revolution, not only effected France, but also affected the rest of Europe. People from other countries in similar conditions also wanted change. They too were tired of the corrupt monarchy and unjust social classes practiced within them. Because of the French Revolution the idea of democracy, liberty, equality, and freedom spread to other parts of the world. Countries in Europe and Latin America inspired by what was happening in France decided to revolt tooShow MoreRelatedCauses Of The French Revolution1119 Words   |  5 PagesThe French Revolution The French Revolution of 1789 was one of the biggest upheavals in history. You may be wondering what exactly led this to happen, but there were multiple long range causes. Political, social, and economic conditions ultimately led to the discontent of many French people especially those of the third estate. The ideals of the Enlightenment brought new views to government and society. Before the revolution, the majority of France were living in poverty. Peasants were entirelyRead MoreCauses Of The French Revolution896 Words   |  4 Pagesyears, the French Revolution went from women marching to Versailles and demanding bread, to the institution of the Reign of Terror, which killed close to 250,000 people. The late 18th century was a dramatic time of French, political transformation which originally strived to implement equality throughout the nation. The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen reflected the ideas of the Enlightenment and presented the idea of equality and liberty. In theory, the French Revolution of 1789Read MoreCauses Of The French Revolution906 Words   |  4 PagesThe French Revolution began with a corrupt monarch, and ended with the death of thousands. In 1789 the bourgeoisie (middle class) and peasants revolted against King Louis XVI and nobility, citing various reasons as cause: including corruption and a poor economy. These p eople, making up 97% of the population, were known as the third estate. The original purpose of the revolution was to create a constitutional monarchy, but this idea quickly became lost in the radical ideas of the revolution. HoweverRead MoreCauses Of The French Revolution911 Words   |  4 PagesThe French Revolution was a major turning point in all of European history. The old regime was destroyed and a new order came to be. We will talk about the causes of the revolution, when it ended, and if it was violent, Napoleon, what happened after his defeat, and some other leaders, and movies I have seen about the Revolution and how they were correct, plus other things I want to learn. The immediate cause of the French Revolution in 1789 was the near collapse of the French budget. On theRead MoreCauses Of The French Revolution750 Words   |  3 PagesA revolution is a drastic change in the way something is done, such as a government or an economy. One such revolution took place in France where the government was changed several times, many different people obtained power, and traditional ideas were questioned. The French Revolution had many social, political, and economic factors that caused it, and it was very impactful on the people of France, and on the areas outside of it. There were many causes of the French Revolution; some were politicalRead MoreCauses of the French Revolution991 Words   |  4 PagesFor six of the eight causes of revolution, describe two events, actions or beliefs (evidence) during the years before the French Revolution that led to a developing revolutionary situation. Explain how each contributed to the revolutionary situation. Frances failed attempts at economic reform contributed heavily to the developing revolutionary situation. In August 1787, when the parlements refused to implement the Kings proposed changes to the financial system, it became clear that the Kings authorityRead MoreThe Causes Of The French Revolution902 Words   |  4 Pagesthe French Revolution was not caused by one single phenomenon, however it can be said that the events occurring in accordance with the French Revolution were not only terrifying but when looking through our eyes just clearly wrong. The most significant reasons for the French Revolution are the imbalance of equality, power, and rights these reasons are supported by the ideas of liberty and fraternity which developed from the enlightenment era philosophers. In conclusion to the French Revolution theRead MoreThe Causes Of The French Revolution1273 Words   |  6 PagesDuring 1789, the French Revolution broke out against totalitarian rule and extreme poverty suffered by French civilians. France was under the absolute control of Louis XVI who gathered groups of nobles, clergy, and other royal families in certain cities. The corrupt French royal families in those cities were squandering nearly 75% of France’s wealth and in addition to the expense of royal classes, other wealthy classes such as landlords, local government, and churches were not taxed which made taxesRead MoreThe Causes Of The French Revolution1522 Words   |  7 PagesThe French Revolution The French Revolution was arguably one of the most significant and controversial events in European history. It occurred during the years 1789-1799 when many French citizens became enraged with society and demanded political, financial and social change. The French people’s primary goal was to put an end to monarchy and bring reform to many aspects of French life. Inspired and motivated by the famous American Revolution, French citizens were urged to take action in orderRead MoreFrench Revolution Causes1139 Words   |  5 Pages The French Revolution was not an event that happened overnight but rather a series of events that occurred over several years leading up to the overthrow of the monarchy and the implementation of a new government. The Primary cause for the fall of the Ancien regime was its financial instability and inability to improve upon the lives of the French people. The 4 key flaws or events leading to the fall of the regime was; the structure of royal government, the taxation system, the structure of french

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Cyber Security and Cyber Weapons - 3827 Words

â€Å"Securing a computer system has traditionally been a battle of wits: the penetrator tries to find the holes, and the designer tries to close them.† ~Gosser Warfare has always been a game of cat and mouse. As technology increases war has to adapt with it. Wars have evolved from a contest of strength to a show of potential. Previously wars were fought with large armies and whomever could most effectively utilize the most troops with better training won; now however, a single person with a nuclear bomb can destroy a city within seconds. In the 1980s, a new technology appeared: the internet. At first the internet was just a way for people to communicate by sending text files to each other. Soon however the internet became a public†¦show more content†¦There are different types of of cyber security: Application security is specific to different applications (programs) and deals with the measures that the program takes while it is running to prevent errors and handle exceptions when there is a flaw (an example of this can be the Windows Blue Screen of Death). Information security is when a company/nation tries to defend information or trade/military secrets from unauthorized access (an example of this is when Gmail is encrypting its passwords). Disaster recovery is the process in which a program tries to recover data after it is corrupted due to a malfunction in the program (an example of this is the system recovery or restore factory settings on any computer). Business continuity planning is identifies an organization s exposure to internal and external threats and synthesizes hard and soft assets to provide effective prevention and recovery for the organization, while maintaining competitive advantage and value system integrity†3 (An example of this is corporate espionage... and protecting from this). End ­user education is teaching the users (users 3 Elliot, D.; Swartz, E.; Herbane, B. (1999) Just waiting for the next big bang: business continuity planning in the UK finance sector. Journal of Applied Management Studies, Vol. 8, No, pp. 43–60. Here: p. 48. 4 and administrators) how to handle different software (an example of this is computer science classes).Show MoreRelatedFree Speech And Political Speech778 Words   |  4 Pagesrhetoric. Do you think anybody should be allowed to say anything, anywhere, anytime, or do you think that speech should be monitored? The privacy versus security debate has been going on for a long time. The government should not be able to spy on American citizens without cause. What would be the reasonable cause for the government to use cyber tools to spy on its citizens? I think reasonable cause would be if a person is on a watch list or if intelligence led the government to a specific personRead MoreEnglish Chinese Russian And Russian Interpretations1567 Words   |  7 PagesSpecific Terms The table below gives the English, Chinese and Russian interpretations of a few terms utilized in information security. As can be seen from the analysis of the following terms, the concepts and conventions behind each varies widely in each language. This has the potential to provide policymakers with misleading information. English Chinese Russian Information Space ä ¿ ¡Ã¦  ¯Ã§ © ºÃ©â€" ´ xà ¬nxÄ « kÃ… ngjiÄ n ИÐ ½Ã'„Ð ¾Ã'€Ð ¼Ã °Ã'†Ð ¸Ã ¾Ã ½Ã ½Ã ¾Ã µ Ð ¿Ã'€Ð ¾Ã' Ã'‚Ã'€Ð °Ã ½Ã' Ã'‚Ð ²Ã ¾ Informatsionnoye prostranstvo Cyberspace ç ¶ ²Ã§ µ ¡Ã§ © ºÃ©â€"“ wÇŽngluà ² kÃ… ngjiÄ n КÐ ¸Ã ±Ã µÃ'€Ð ¿Ã'€Ð ¾Ã' Ã'‚Ã'€Ð °Ã ½Ã' Ã'‚Ð ²Ã ¾Read MoreBuilding And Maintain A Cyber Operations Force1394 Words   |  6 PagesStrategic Goals Build and maintain a cyber operations force: The Department of Defense requires personnel to be trained to the highest standards and have the highest quality technology available to them in order to operate effectively. To this end the Department of Defense initiated the Cyber Mission Force in 2013 (â€Å"Department of Defense Cyber Strategy,† 2015). The Cyber Mission Force is 133 cyber teams: 68 Cyber Protection teams focused on defending the network, 13 National Mission teams to defendRead MoreNuclear Proliferation Among Great Powers Is Not A Top Security1192 Words   |  5 Pagesproliferation among great powers is not a top security concern because nuclear deterrence is robust. However, nuclear proliferation becomes a greater security threat as terrorist organizations in the Middle East acquire nuclear weapons. Radical, undemocratic leaders hold less value for the lives of populations and are less likely to follow the logic of nuclear deterrence. The United States must cou nter radical threats and prevent the use of nuclear weapons by unstable terrorist organizations throughRead MoreCyber War : A New And Growing Realm Of Influence946 Words   |  4 Pagesways little imagined. Cyber, a broad term, means various things to many individuals throughout international communities. Cyber war, unlike the wars of the past, does not fit into current perceptions of war. Yet, a fifth warfighting domain known as cyberspace is a new and growing realm of influence. Various states have or are creating cyberspace units, warriors, strategies and conducting operations (both defensive and offensive). Only hints of what is and will become cyber war crosses the publicRead MoreCyber Terrorism1716 Words   |  7 Pagesthat Bank of America was the victim of a cyber terrorism attack; although no definitive evidence is available to substantiate that claim.   Cyber terror attacks pose a threat against the national security of the United States. In order to fully comprehe nd the threat that cyber terrorism poses, it is essential to understand the background, the effects, the reality of the threat and the future of cyber terrorism. This assessment examines the reality of the cyber terrorism threat, and also questions itsRead MoreEssay on The Threat of Cyber War1698 Words   |  7 PagesCNA’S AMMUNITION There are several different forms of cyber weapons, all of which can be used for either an attack or espionage. There are principally five common practices. The first of three attacks that will be examined is spoofing. SPOOFING Spoofing is an attack that falsifies information in order to disguise and misconstrue an identity to appear as someone else, or as an application. An example, per say, would be an instance that took place in Arizona at the works of Daniel David RigmaidenRead MoreU.s. Joint Forces And The Strategic Direction1677 Words   |  7 PagesForce in 2025 if adequate resources are available. Even with adequate funding, combatant commanders will experience considerable challenges operating in the global security environment. The current strategic direction has prompted a shift of military resources to the Asia-Pacific. This trend will continue. Additionally, globalization, cyber-attacks and advances in technology will further challenge the Joint Forces in the next ten years . The U.S. Joint Forces must identify and develop critical technologyRead MoreStrategic Direction On The United States1647 Words   |  7 PagesThe United States will not be able to effectively rebalance the Joint Force in 2025 unless sequestration is reversed. The current U.S. strategic direction has prompted a shift of military resources to the Asia-Pacific. Globalization, cyber-attacks and advances in technology will further challenge the Joint Forces in the next ten years. It is imperative that the U.S. Joint Forces be adequately funded in order to identify and develop critical technology, establish policies and maintain adequate forceRead MoreEvolution of ICT1384 Words   |  6 PagesEvolution of ICTs has also increased opportunities for military capabilities. Emerging military technologies are more and more information and communication centric. Major weapon system today operate interdependently in a net centric environment which has increased the battlefield awareness manifold. Operation Iraqi Freedom provides a classical example, where through use of net centric operation the Iraqi forces were swiftly defeated. Such development in military domain has led to the notion of

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Blabla Free Essays

Background Sony Corporation is one of the best-known names in consumer electronics andranks second worldwide in electronics behind Matsushita Electric Corporation. Since itwas  established  shortly  after  World  War  II,  Sony  has  introduced  a  stream  of  revolutionary  products,  including  the  transistor  radio,  the  Trinitron  television,  theBetamax  VCR,  the  CD  player,  the  Walkman  portable  cassette  player,  and  thePlayStation game console. The company’s electronics segment–which includes audioand video products, televisions, personal computers, monitors, computer peripherals,telecommunications devices, and electronic components (such as semiconductors). We will write a custom essay sample on Blabla or any similar topic only for you Order Now When Dr. Toshi T. Doi took charge of the project to develop a new computer in 1984, herecruited  11  top-flight  engineers  to  form  the  team. Doi  established  three  basicguidelines for the development: †¢ (1) the computer should be 32 bit; †¢ (2) it should be multipurpose; and †¢ (3) the project should be completed as soon as possible. The engineers, however, decided that they wanted to design a machine (an engineeringworkstation)  that  would  help  them  in  their  own  engineering  work  rather  than  amultipurpose machine. Doi approved their plan, but  he required that it be  finished in sixmonths. SAPADAPA ANALYSIS:I. Situational  Analysis Dr. Toshi T. Doi was the general manager of Sony’s workstation division(WD) and was not keen on changing Sony’s product development process,which was efficient and successful. The WD’s workstation â€Å"NEWS† launchedin October 1986 at the Tokyo Data Show had generated over 1000 inquiries;they  recovered  investments  in  few  months  and  saw  a  double  in  salesannually. Its new product development (NPD) process for the 1550 series workstationhad three stages: basic architecture specification †¢ product design †¢ first lot production One side effect of Sony’s preoccupation with the video business was that itscomputer business. Although Sony had  some success in the  computer gamemarket, its first entrants in the computer market were 8-bit machines. TheSMC-70 and SMC-777 are 8-bit machines were introduced in 1982 and 1984,respectively, which failed quickly in competition with 16-bit MS-DOS systems(e. g. , the IBM  PC). Sony considered developing a  16-bit microcomputer but itsoon abandoned the idea. II. Problem Analysis The development required too much effort from hardware design engineers. Engineers in small teams were required to handle all issues from logic design tomanufacturability, requiring a breadth of knowledge, which many did not have. These engineers had to put-in 60 to 70 hours a week and much more during acrisis, rendering them overworked. With  all these extra  efforts put in,  the designswere still not optimized to be manufactured Man/Engineers ? Too  much  was  required  from  thehardware design engineers. Small teams were more efficient but they requiredthat each engineer be able to handle the completerange of  design  tasks, from  high-level architecturedown to minor details. Thus the engineer’s skills andknowledge had to be both broad and  deep. Method ? With the current procedure, the designswere not  optimized for  manufacturability. Because hardware design engineers were unfamiliarwith  all  of  the  manufacturing  concerns,  they  oftenmissed  simple  redesigns  that  could  makemanufacturing far more efficient. Inthe current process, it is very difficult to separatetechnology  into  neat  steps  and  for  this  reason  ittakes time  to  transfer technology. The workstationmarket is so competitive that there is no time to dothis transfer. SpecializationDesign engineering does ot have  enough expertiseto support manufacturing properly, especially as theproduct line and the number of development projectscontinue to growWorking  TimeHardware  engineers  typically  work  60-70  hours  aweek And even more during a  crises. SWOT ANALYSIS A. Strengths †¢ Recovered Investments an d doubled the  annual sales since the  launch of  Ã¢â‚¬Å"NEWS† †¢ Project Manager often a Senior Engineer  B. Weaknesses †¢ Small project teams †¢ Very limited design engineers †¢ Lack of traditional management tasks †¢ Marketing power is insufficientC. Opportunities †¢ Reorganization of engineers †¢ Hiring of Highly expertise/skilled design engineersD. Threats †¢ Marketing power of competitors during this time IV. Potential Problem Analysis †¢ Additional cost in hiring highly expertise or skilled design engineers. †¢ Possible loss of market if  other competitors will  win the competition duringthat time when the marketing power is still insufficient. †¢ Small project teams that may require them to add manpower and its costs. †¢ Engineers will continue to work too much time that could result to burn-out. †¢ Possible decrease in the annual sales of the Sony Company. †¢ Loss of precisions in the product lines if the needed expertise will not How to cite Blabla, Essay examples

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Lenovo free essay sample

After the success of the Legend card, the company launched its own-brand PC into the Chinese market in 1990. The desktops were designed to be easy to use for Chinese consumers. In 1999, the company introduced a PC that overcame China’s complicated Internet access procedures with a preloaded oneyear Internet connection. This also included Chinese voice-recognition software and a graphic pad for writing Chinese characters by hand. Thus, the company became China’s PC market leader with 21. 5% share in 1999 and well known throughout the Asia-Pacific region. 3. What challenges did Lenovo face after the acquisition? After the merger with IBM, Lenovo faced many challenges as following: †¢ Integrating Thinkpad into Lenovo brand. Lenovo wanted to create awareness of the new brand, on the other hand, it had become tough to maintain the credibility of ThainkPad as an innovative and creative product when Lenovo brand itself was positioned as a low-cost brand. Lenovo had to determine a strategy which would help to increase its brand awareness without hurting the ThinkPad credibility. Building Lenovo brand outside Asia-Pacific region. In order to introduce its brand to the global market, Lenovo had joined the Olympic Partner Program. This opportunity helped Lenovo to access the international market. Because the Lenovo name was not well known outside Asia, the company viewed the Turin Olympics sponsorship as an opportunity to show its capabilities to the world. Olympics served to showcase Lenovo from a local brand to a global brand. The media and press perception of Lenovo’s association with China and the Chinese government is another particular challenge. As firms from China and some other Asian countries tend to get very low marks for trustworthiness, Lenovo had to build its own image as a new world type of company by bringing the best from East (Lenovo) and West (IBM). †¢ 4. How should Lenovo handle the brand management challenges associated with the acquisition? In order to build Lenovo global brand, the company should leverage both its efficiency and the ThinkPad reputation of quality. After the acquisition, the company settled on a â€Å"one-two punch† strategy with two elements: †¢ à ¢â‚¬ ¢ Build up Lenovo as a strong master brand Continue to strengthen the ThinkPad product brand, which was a special franchise that could be leveraged to support the Lenovo master brand In 2006, Lenovo planned to launch its own-branded PC series 3000 worldwide. This new product was tended to serve different customer’s needs. The 3000 Series is built with industry-standard, value price, contemporary design, and secure security. On the other hand, the Think-branded are to be industry-leading PCs with custom models, classic design, complete business solutions, and the most secure PCs on the market. Lenovo has chosen to effectively use the ThinkPad name from IBM in order to maintain existing IBM customer while at the same time extending the quality perception of the ThinkPad into other Lenovo’s product lines. I personally agree with Lenovo’s strategy to keep the ThinkPad brand separately from the other product lines. This will not damage the ThinkPad brand quality. Moreover, building the ThinkPad + Lenovo connection through advertising and marketing campaigns such as ThinkPad Unleashed, the ThinkPad reputation can eventually be seen in the rest of Lenovo products. In my opinion, launching its first Lenovo brand PC worldwide by using a product number (3000 series) was not the best idea. The fact that numbers are pretty generic and the same number may be used on many products across many industries could be confusing. I would recommend Lenovo to create a new name as what Sony and Compaq did with the Vaio and Presario. The name of the new product that could imply an image of a good choice, easy on the budget, and a good home companion. At the present, Lenovo named their other product lines differently. The â€Å"ThinkPad† are seen as business laptops with premium quality while the â€Å"IdeaPad† and the â€Å"Essential† are built for home and small business users. Lastly, Lenovo should differentiate itself as being the â€Å"new world type† of company. The combination of East and West, innovation and efficiency can become the company’s competitive advantage. 5. In trying to become a global brand, does Lenovo have a problem coming from China? According to Advani’s explanation that firms from China and some other Asian countries tend to get very low marks for trustworthiness, therefore, Lenovo would have a problem coming from China. Since Lenovo is a company from China, the perception of providing cheap products might devalue the Lenovo master brand. In my opinion, the consolidation between Lenovo and IBM would result in a degradation of the â€Å"ThinkPad† brand around the world. IBM brand is perceived as the high-end premium brand, while Lenovo is perceived as the low-cost brand. IBM ThinkPad stood for quality and â€Å"made in America† (even though most production took place offshore). Lenovo was known as a PC market from China and lack of brand recognition through the international market. Products from China are often viewed as clones with low quality and sold at low price. Thus, the main concern from customer was that the innovation and quality of ThinkPad would slow down. This will become a big challenge for Lenovo to think about how to remain their brand image after the 5-year transaction when Lenovo will have no right to use the IBM brand. To overcome this problem, Lenovo has to ensure that their products have a unique, distinctive and attractive design while remaining same IBM quality.